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Spire Studios is a Boston based development studio with highly trained developers and designers who specialize in website development. With a vast array of experience and specialties, our projects range from graphical websites to diverse web applications.

What is website development?

Website development consists of the inner workings of websites and optimizing those functions. If website design is construction how a website looks, website development consists of how that website will work. This involves the many facets of websites, browsers, and even the Internet itself. Primarily this is seen in tasks like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), forms, and developing web pages that load quickly and consistently across many different browsers and operating systems, whether that page be a static informational page or a dynamical page retrieving data from a database, creating charts and images on the fly, or publishing information to multiple sites at once.

However, we are not limited to only developing web pages, our skills extend into other areas like installing/upgrading services such as databases, email servers, or even the web servers themselves, installing software such as calendars, message boards and blogging applications, adding new features or customizations to these applications, or even creating automated reports, scheduled jobs, and backup applications. We pride ourselves in understanding the big picture and always choosing the right tools for the task at hand, allowing us to build and streamline your website correctly and efficiently, so not only does it meets your needs now, it can scale up and add new features in the future as your business grows or needs change.

By separating Form from Function the sites we build have diverse styles while preserving the simplicity and ease of maintainability. The sites and pages we create can be easily updated or reskined all together with minimal amounts of effort. Our team as high standards of excellence and adheres to web coding and accessibility standards without sacrificing speed.

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