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Portfolio: Photo Album

Winter 2007

This is a personal website we designed to be used as a photo album. The goal was to create a site for displaying photos where all that was needed was to upload the photos to a named directory on the server. Any adjustments and extras such as resizing the images, rotating images, deleting images, making the thumbnails, or adding comments, etc. can all be done automatically or by using image tool pages.

Highlighted Features:

Automatic Image Resizing and Rotating

Once the source images are placed on the server the admin can automatically resize the images to certain sizes while maintaining proportions and not affect the original high resolution images. Images could also be rotated by 90° either clockwise or counterclockwise with a click of a link.

Thumbnail Generation and Navigation

A thumbnail generation script was created that would iterate through the images and generate the matching thumbnails for each image. If an image was added, deleted, or rotated the generation page would detect these changes and update or remove the thumbnail if necessary. Visitors could easily navigate to the photos they want to see by using the thumbnail page or the thumbnail menus at the top of an image page.

Album Organization by Directory

By placing each group of images in a directory we were able to create a single page that drives every page on the site. This made the site flexible enough to code in new features with ease and be able to change it in one place and have it affect the whole site. Style updates and changes would also affect all the albums.


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Screenshot of Main Page

Photo Album: Main Page / Listing

Screenshot of Thumbnails View

Photo Album: Thumbnails View

Screenshot of Image View

Photo Album: Image View