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Portfolio: Gallery Example

Winter 2006

This website was built from the ground up within a month's time. The clients wanted a site to present the different types and styles of wedding cakes their bakery produces and relay some basic information to perspective clients. The clients also had very little technical web experience and wanted a site that would be easy to update and maintain. It was with this in mind when we designed and built this simple, yet elegant site. They wanted an efficient site with plenty of page space, as well as bandwidth, set aside for the gallery images. We were able to accomplish this, with out a loss of quality or style, by using CSS styles and effects. Load times were minimized and the same look and feel was presented across different browsers without any dependencies on a specific technology.

Highlighted Features:

Flexible and Expandable Gallery

The gallery was sub-divide up by two factors: Products and Categories. Items could be viewed and sorted by these two factors, but new items were not constrained to existing classes. Any gallery items added that were of new products or categories, not previously in the gallery, would be instantly implemented without any code updates or changes. This gave our client the flexibility they needed, so that when their business grows to include new products and categories, so does their website without any special maintenance.

Image Upload and Thumbnail Generation

Our clients wanted the ability to upload new images and content to their gallery without having to know learn any new computer tricks or install special software. We designed into the back end an image upload form to accomplish this. New items were added with a single click of the mouse. High resolution photo could be uploaded and are resized, have a thumbnail generated, and filed automatically!

Gallery Ordering

All gallery items can be reorder by an overall position, product position, or category position to ensure that the best examples of their work could be shown first regardless of the order it was added to the gallery.


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Screenshot of Portfolio Cakes Splash Page

Portfolio Cakes: Splash Page

Screenshot of Portfolio Cakes Admin Page

Portfolio Cakes: Admin Page