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Portfolio: Dynamic Plots

Fall 2007

In the fall of 2007 we had a client who needed dynamic plots made to show various business metrics. Using the jpgraph class we created various dynamic plots that would read the most up to date information from a database and create the necessary plot.

Highlighted Features:

Various Plot Types and Customization Options

The jpgraph class allows many different types of plots and options to customize those plots. Below are three examples of the type of plots we created: bar, line, and pie plots. The data going into these plots is completely random so if you refresh your browser you can see the plot change to show the new data.

Bar plot example

Dynamic Plots: Bar graph Example

Line Plot Example

Dynamic Plots: Filled Line Plot Example

Pie Plot Example

Dynamic Plots: Pie Plot Example


(Click Image for a large Image)

Screenshot of Main Page

Dynamic Plots: Embedded Bar Plots Example