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Portfolio: Generic To-Do List

Summer 2006

This is an example of a generic to-do list that allows users to view, add, delete or update tasks. With a simple layout that can be expanded to fit specific needs or grow with time.

Highlighted Features:

Valid Input Checking and Previews

Based off the information collected certain fields can be designated as required or requiring a specific input. Error checks were coded for each field and only when the required input is entered can the form be advanced to the next field. Incorrect fields were tagged with a "**" and a message stating what the inputs must be is printed along the top. By restricting input it assists in making sure the data in the database stays valid and does not become filled with garbage.

URL Rewriting

We took advantage of Apache's Mod-Rewrite Module to hide our php pages and obfuscate the variables and flags passed along. By using this technique we can hide which pages are php in with those that are html, showing users easy to remember urls and making dynamic pages harder to find for would-be website attackers. We can also choose to make one page or multiple pages to handle processing. The possibilities are almost endless.


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Screenshot of Main Page

To-Do List: Task Listing

Screenshot of Add a Task Page

To-Do List: Add a Task