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Portfolio: Tutor Web Calender Application

Fall 2006

This was a web application that was developed for Pearson Custom that was subcontracted out to us through Serafini Studios. A calendar application was needed that would allow students to reserve blocks of times with tutors. We designed a application that was lightweight and easily customizable to meet the particular requirements of each school that used it within a month's time.

This project is located at and is currently maintained by Serafini Studios and Pearson Custom.

Highlighted Features:

Different Calendar Views

Available tutors could be viewed by Month, by Week, by particular tutor, or particular day. The underlying date calculations and records were created in such a way to allow flexible views and allow any different type of report to be created should the need arise.

Screenshot of Month View

Tutor Web App: Monthly View

Screenshot of Weekly View

Tutor Web App: Weekly View

No Dependence on add-on scripts

Since most of the people accessing this application would be students at a University, where computer security policies are stricter than you average home user, the application needed to be designed without any dependence on cookies, java, javascript, or flash for passing information or storing user settings and preferences.

Flexibility and Customization

Every school that uses our application has their own needs and requirements, therefore this application was designed to be as flexible and customizable as possible. Settings like day start and stop times and size of blocks could be set in a admin configuration page and required no code changes.


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Screenshot of Main Page

Tutor Web App: Week View

Screenshot of Main Page

Tutor Web App: Month View

Screenshot of Main Page

Tutor Web App: Admin Configuration